Icarus Project

The world constantly confronts us with new challenges and new limits for us to overcome.
Icarus was created to allow the remote traveller to explore new places, comfortably from home and in live streaming.
The purpose of Icarus is to promote a new way of doing tourism, promoting knowledge and interaction with the most beautiful places on the planet.
The unique and particular perspective that Icarus offers places the remote traveller at the helm not as a simple user, but as the creator of a new reality.
Through the platform, the user can decide where to go and what to see. No pre-recorded footage. It all happens in real-time.
The world has never been so small: are you ready to go?


July 2016

Theorization of the possibility to remotely pilot a drone through a VR headset. A content production project is defined through the creation of automated bases for the take-off and landing of aircraft.

November 2019

Development and release of a BETA version of Icarus for Oculus Quest headset. Through a virtual cabin it is possible to fly a real drone, totally remotely.

April 2020

Design and development of the Icarus platform, which aims as a point of contact between content creators and travel users to offer live and interactive experiences remotely.

September 2020

Icarus platform launch event to validate market research and system usability. For three days, content creators take turns around Italy, providing interactive flights and in real time.

November 2020

Release of the platform Icarus in Open Beta, open to travelers around the world. The inclusion of content creators is done through a selection.