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A new way to promote tourism

The 1° remote tourism platform

Icarus allows connected users from all over the world to live tours in real time, interacting with the guide and the territory to a level never seen before. The traveler is catapulted into another dimension, where he can almost touch the beauty shown by the guide.
Through the on-screen controls can move 360° the guide camera mounted on a stabilizer. Thanks to the highest level of audio and video quality, the user’s feeling is to walk in a place away from home.

Our Goals

Enhancement of the territory

An innovative channel appreciated by the public, thanks to the gaming component that allows you to overcome the passivity of the use of the content.

Experiences of PreTourism

Icarus gives personalized experiences to users in view of the real journey. Involving professionals, guides and content creators make the experience unique and unrepeatable.

Enhancement of cultural heritage

Even in periods of low tourist turnout you can enhance the artistic beauty of cities and museums in preparation for the peak season.

Italy Remote Tour

For the World Tourism Day, scheduled for 27 September 2020, we organized the launch event of Icarus.

During a virtual relay lasting 15 hours no stop 15 guides and content creator have changed to make users discover from home different locations.

Users remotely have so walked next to the guide in Milan, Lucca, Pisa or have piloted a drone remotely on the Val d’Orcia, Naples and many other destinations without moving from home.

15 hours
of live
15 Locations
in Italy

Municipality of Lucca

In 2021 the City of Lucca organized 10 public and interactive events to support the promotion of the city to the Italian and foreign public potentially interested in a future visit.

On this occasion the guides have given life to events in Italian and foreign, facing each time a characteristic aspect of the city: the Lucca of the Renaissance walls, the Lucca of Puccini, etc…

The aim was to attract the public through one shot events and intrigue them about particular aspects of the city that deserve a live visit.

10 hours
of Live
10 Thematic

Cosa è possibile fare


The user can turn the camera, move in space and talk to the guide.

Taking photos

Integration of the photo shoot function to share the most beautiful moments on social media.

Mobile Version

The user interface on mobile devices is even more fun, reflecting those of video games.

Possibilità di personalizzazione

Multiple levels of interaction

You can choose the degree of interaction for users depending on the type of event you want to propose.

Layout Customization

Possibility to customize the layout with colors and company logo.


Possibility to integrate reservations with the main online ticketing platforms.

Choose the plan for you

Getting started with Icarus is quick and easy.
Just choose between the two plans:


On the ticket

A percentage of the user’s final price is retained.
This floor is ideal for offering private and interactive tours without limits (eg. museums and private galleries).

  • Percentage retained only for tours that are purchased
  • Unlimited live streaming tours
  • Possibility to customize the tours
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Of events

Purchase a package of 10 or more free public tours for the user.
Perfect for promoting the territory in an innovative way but without charging visitors the cost of the initiative.

  • Flat price regardless of the number of users
  • Free tours for the user
  • Possibility to customize the tours
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Enter the world of Icarus

Enter the world of Icarus